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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get your Head Right

Day #586 Headwaters Pale Ale / Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, PA
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Thursday... I think that means it's time for a beer review.  I had a bottle of this in my fridge from a Friday night Phillies game tailgate a few weeks back.  Ah, tailgates with good friends... always fun.  ALWAYS.

You know what else is fun?  Beer reviews, such as this one for a bottle of Headwaters from Victory.  You see a clear dark gold hue with a thin, lingering white head.  Your nose picks up aromas of citrus and light caramel, and when you drink it down you get a mellow bitterness throughout, with a nice mix of pine and lemon, with bready notes from the malt.  At a rather manageable 5.1% ABV, this pale ale is a very good, easy drinking beer - but you shouldn't expect anything less than great beers from Victory!
Get your head right.
Thing to Think About Today:
This song doesn't have much to do with anything I wrote today, but I've realized that it's been ages since I dropped some Sublime into this space.  With their mellow vibe, Sublime is always appropriate for a summer day, don't you agree?  Coming straight out of the summer of '97, let's all relax with some Santeria.

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