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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Day #593 Brugse Zot / Brouwerij de Halve Maan, Brugse, Belgium
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Today's a hustle day, so not much commentary on Belgium, but today's beer is a the lovely Brugse Zot, a blonde ale from de Halve Maan, a brewery in the also lovely town of Brugse - also spelled Brugge. This multiple spelling depends on whether you're applying the Flemish or French spelling, as all things in Belgium are spelled in both languages.  Confusing?  At times.

While this picture is from a bar near the Friday Market, a square in the center of town, our group did tour the brewery, although we didn't get a VIP tour.  The "gen pop" tour was interesting, even if you could tell the jokes from the guide get recycled more than an empty beer bottle.  We did get to go on the roof and catch this view, which was pretty awesome:
Nice view
Anyway, on to the beer.  In the glass, you see a dark gold color with a light aroma of citrus, floral hops and grain. This beer is brewed with four kinds of malt, and it shows with a nice balance of flavors and some decent sweetness.  Very good summertime beer, which checks in at a manageable 6% ABV.  If you see this one, you should try this one!
Smile for the camera, Zot
According to our tour guide, Zot is a phrase for joker or idiot, or someone who lives within the walls of Brugge (or Brugse).  Now you know.

Thing to Think About Today:
Is Vampire Weekend awesome?  Yes.  Do you love song of the summer Blurred Lines?  Yes.  Do you want Vampire Weekend covering Blurred Lines?  OF COURSE YOU DO!  Yes, you can click on the embedded video below, but to see video of this performance, click here for some awesomeness.

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