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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 579: Troegs Flying Mouflan

I'm sad to write these words, but this is the final installment in my Troegs Beer Week. But on the upside, I guess it also means another trek out to Hershey to see what's new in their tasting room!
This is Troegs's barleywine--the Flying Mouflan. It pours a hazy brown colored ale with a pale tan head. I swear it smells slightly of Parmesan. The flavor is sharp and quite good. It's very much wine-like and there is a lot of fig in the flavor. There's hints of chocolate. It's spicy and not just peppery spice. As it warmed up a bit, I thought I tasted golden raisins. In my notes, I underlined golden raisins quite emphatically. So be warned, it doesn't just taste like any old raisins. It's the golden raisins.

The fine folks at Troegs suggest cellaring the Flying Mouflan in a cool dark place at 50 degrees for a minimum of four months. That will mellow out the hops and wash away the heat--noting that if one can resist the temptation to drink it all immediately, one would be rewarded with two memorable beers in a single bottle.

Sadly I didn't think to buy a bottle when they were around. Maybe next year I'll succeed.

And in case you're also wondering what a "Flying Mouflan" is, I have no idea. I know I like saying it aloud. Try it. Flying Mouflan! Fun, right? Since I had this one on draft at Troegs' tasting room, I don't have a photo of the bottle. The label depicts a winged, furry bottle cap with a devil's tail. OK. Sure. I suppose after drinking more than one of these--noting they weigh in at 9.3% ABV--that will make sense. I stopped at one. Maybe next year I'll try a second and see if it gives me any clarity.

Until then...FLYING MOUFLAN!

Beer stats
Style: Barleywine
ABV: 9.3%
IBUs: 100-ish (that's from Troegs website)
Rating: Excellent

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