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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beer 175: Troegs Sunshine Pils

I have a photo of my beer. It's just trapped in my dead Blackberry for now.

Instead you get a photo of Sal. He likes to sit with me when I blog. I swear I'm not his ghostwriter.

Today we hit the Main Line Food and Jazz Festival. It's a cute little festival that affords one the chance to sit in the street and drink beer (or margaritas or wine if that's your thing). Since it's basically held in front of one of our favorite beer bars, of course, we got a table at Teresa's Next Door and ordered some beer and lunch.

The Troegs Sunshine Pils poured a golden color with a white head. It smelled like fresh outdoors...grass, hops and some citrus. The flavor was kind of hoppy and nutty. It was light and refreshing but very flavorful. Very good.

And with this review, my adventures at Philadelphia Beer Week are officially underway! Cheers!

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