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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Around the World and Home Again

Beer # 196 Lawnmower Lager / Caldera Brewing Company, Ashland, OR

We're wrapping up vacation today with some morning time in Seattle before heading to the airport to fly home.  Tonight, I sleep in my own bed, which makes me greatly excited.  It's been a wonderful trip - we've seen some awesome sights, met some interesting people, ate some amazing meals, and best of all, managed to drink phenomenal beers from some unique breweries which we don't (yet) see on the East Coast.  We stocked up on this trip, so you'll be seeing West Coast beers on this blog for a few more weeks.

Today's beer is the Lawnmower Lager from Caldera Brewing.  This beer proclaims itself as being a light, easy beer best consumed after a hard day of working in the yard.  I personally hate yard work with a passion, but I can appreciate a light, easy drinking beer on a hot summer day.  This beer pours a clear, effervescent gold with a thin white head.  It gives off aromas and flavors of grain and bread, and at 3.9% ABV, you can drink this all afternoon.

Looks like summer. Because it is.

This beer is labeled as a lager, but definitely lacks the complexity you see in other lagers.  Just so you know.

Thing to Think About Today:
We're homeward bound, so we'll sign off on this trip with Simon and Garfunkel's Homeward Bound.  Hope to  revisit the West Coast again soon, but not too soon.

"I'm sittin' in the railway station / Got a ticket for my destination"

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