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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

200 Beers Down!

Beer #200 Best Bitter / Dick's Brewing Company, Centralia, WA

Big milestone up today - the 200th beer on our adventure.  Definitely feels like just yesterday we blew past 100 beers, definitely feels like 165 more beers is a long, long, long way off.  Thanks for hanging in there, thanks for sharing this blog with your friends.  If you aren't sharing this with your friends or other beer geeks, you really need to start keeping up your end of the bargain.  I'm busting my ass here, people.

Marking this occasion will be a beer I had on draft in Seattle, while enjoying a dozen oysters.  "While enjoying a dozen oysters" is a phrase that can be said about many, many of the beers I had on vacation.  I'm definitely at a high risk for mercury poisoning from all of the seafood I put down.  Anyway, back to tonight's beer, which is Dick's Best Bitter, an English bitter from Dick's Brewing Company.  In the glass, it shows off a nice amber color with a white head.  When you drink it, you get a lot of caramel, bread, and citrus, with a dry bitter finish.  At 4.8% ABV, this was an easy drinking, very nice choice.

 Bad picture in a dark bar?  Check.

This brewery traces its roots back to 1984, when Dick Young spent time brewing homemade beer while also making homemade sausages for his deli.  The beer became very popular with his customers, and they have since moved into a much larger production facility - although the original deli is still open.  Sadly, Mr. Young passed away in 2009, and his daughter is now running the brewery.

Thing to Think About Today:
As much as I'd like to make some dick jokes in honor of Dick's Brewery, this blog is way too classy of a place for that sort of childish thing.  Instead, I'll leave you with some classic Chuck Berry!  An R&B legend, Berry was an influential force on The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and hundreds of other bands.  He's played at the White House, and everyone is familiar with his Johnny B. Goode.  And yet oddly enough this novelty song was his only #1 single on the Billboard charts.  Take it away, Chuck....

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