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Friday, June 1, 2012

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Beer #174 St. Martin Triple / Brasserie de Brunehaut, Brunehaut, Belgium

According to the weatherman, it seems like we're in for some severe weather this evening.  While I don't relish the idea of having to run out later to get dinner in a monsoon, and I certainly cringe when thinking about the possibility of branches coming down in our yard, I sort of like thunderstorms.  My house in college had an awesome covered porch area, and I'd sit out there in the summer and just watch the rain pouring down in our yard and the surrounding streets.  No covered porch in our current abode, so I'll be watching out the window and praying that the power stays on.

Rain or shine, it's always good weather for drinking a beer.  Today's beer on our march to 365 is the St. Martin Triple from Belgian brewer Brasserie de Brunehaut.  This beer pours hazy gold color, with a lingering white head.  Your nose picks up a light aroma of spice and yeast, but nothing overpowers you.  Once you drink it, you get a sweet malt, with a hint of lemon and some mild spices.  Some hops in there too, although this doesn't have much bitterness.  Relatively potent at 9%, although it doesn't taste that strong.

It was a dark and stormy night....

This brewery dates back to 1890, although technically their roots stretch back to 11th century.  Beer was considered a safer alternative than water during a plague/famine of that time, so the Abbey de St. Martin started brewing.  Things went along nicely until the French Revolution in the 1790's, which put an end to the fun and games.  However, the recipes survived, which Brasserie de Brunehaut used to start their efforts in 1890.

Thing to Think About Today:
If you weren't aware, today kicks off Philly Beer Week!  Philly more or less invented the 'beer week' concept, which is now copied by a number of different cities around the country.  Philly Beer Week is a mix of special events, dinners, lectures, tours, happy hours, special brews, etc. to celebrate craft brewing.  This event brings some great breweries to town, and shines a spotlight on bars/pubs/restaurants who stock amazing craft brews year round.  While many events are located in the city, there are plenty of things happening in the suburbs as well.  If you're a hardcore beer geek, or if you just want to sample some new beers, there's something for everyone.  Click here for a calendar of events to see what's happening near you!

We have a couple of events circled on the calendar, and I have a suspicion we may find a few more before the week is done.  My only regret is that I can't get to every event!

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