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Saturday, June 2, 2012

It Ain't My Fault

Beer #175 Sparkling Ale / Coopers Brewery, Leabrook, Australia

Last night's storms gave way to a beautiful Saturday, and we took advantage with some cycling down the Schuykill River Trail, the Main Line Jazz Festival, and a trip to the dog park.  Drinking outside is always a favorite of mine, and we were able to enjoy a few beers at the outdoor tables/beer tent at Teresa's Next Door. The jazz left a little something to be desired, but we were there fairly early in the day.  Maybe they heat things up later in the program.

The beer of the day is the Sparking Ale from Coopers, which pours a carbonated straw color, with a persistent head.  There's a natural sediment in the beer, which is fine to drink.  The aroma gives off malt, and fruit (apple?), and the taste has a sweet flavor, with a malt and hops balance.  The sweetness reminded me of honey a bit, but not overly so.  Interesting beer, worth a look if you see it around.

Sediment in the beer, not a dirty glass.

Coopers has been cranking out beers near Adelaide since 1862, a mere 25 years after the incorporation of South Australia.  Happy 150th anniversary!  Definitely click the brewery link in the above paragraph, if only to check the super awesome beard of Thomas Cooper, founder of Cooper Brewers.  It's magnificent.

Thing to Think About Today:
Okay, so the Main Line Jazz Festival didn't have Antoine Batiste and the Soul Apostles, as I had hoped they would.  They did have a calypso band who covered Neil Young's Harvest Moon, which gets points for creativity but definitely not for execution.  So, let's wind up the day with some wildly better jazz for you, shall we?  Oh, how about Mos Def, Lenny Kravitz, Trombone Shorty, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band putting a unique spin on the classic It Ain't My Fault:

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  1. I'll take your word on the beer, but that video is excellent!