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Friday, June 15, 2012

Shake It Baby

Beer #188 Red Trolley Ale / Karl Strauss Brewing Company, San Diego, CA

Today is a busy day; wrapping up things in San Diego then jetting off to San Francisco, so we'll keep it short here.  The beer for the day is from Karl Strauss Breweries, another local brewery.  I drank a flight, so here's a run down on all five pours:

- Windansea Wheat, a hefeweizen with nice banana and clove flavors
- Flan-Diddly-Anders Ale, flavorful and awesomely named, but not as tart as I was expecting it to be, picked up flavors of tea
- Red Trolley Ale, which had a rich malt background with toffee and caramel. My favorite of the ones I sampled
- Pintail Pale Ale, light hop flavors, and Marci said it had flavors of marigolds
- Boardwalk Black Rye IPA, which was a bonus pour from the bartender, had a good toasty flavor, and reminded me of the Tommyknocker Black IPA

The beer menu.  Delicious.

Everything we sampled was solid, so I'd definitely recommend this if you find it.  Haven't seen it on the East Coast yet, but it's a popular option around San Diego. 

Thing to Think About Today:
Sure, Tupac was originally from New York, but he moved a town north of San Francisco with his family when he was a kid.  You can't spend time in California without thinking about their official state anthem, California Love:

"In the city..... city of Compton....."

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