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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beer 186: Boulder Brewing and Airport Bars

Beer #1 of the great beer-cation was found at the Denver airport. All I have to say is that the west coast is REALLY, REALLY far from the east coast. I spent the entire day on planes or in airports. But so far it's worth it!

Boulder Brewing's Hazed & Confused was enjoyed with a salad at the Rock Bottom Brewing Co. at the airport. Boulder Beer is brewedin Boulder, Colorado. This beer is unfiltered and dry hopped so I'll venture a guess that it's hazy. (I didn't get a glass.!). Also trying to sniff a beer in a bottle to determine its aroma is impossible.

The flavor is fruity ester andfinishes with a nice hop. There are some bread flavors and it's a little piney. Overall pretty good in my book considering it's an American pale ale.

p.s. That's not a photo of my beer. I kind of lost that. Instead you get a pic of palm trees.

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