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Friday, June 29, 2012

Beer 202: Cascade Brewing...A Sour Lover's Paradise

This picture originally included 4 butts on barstools.
Thank god for photo editing!

Isn't that a beautiful sight?  They're from Cascade Brewing in Portland, Oregon.  After visiting Rogue (reviewed yesterday), we stopped by Cascade Brewing at the recommendation of Rogue's bartender.  Kudos to him!

Cascade specializes in sour beers.  SOUR BEERS!  There were so many...I wish I took a photo of the menu.  I was in heaven and am honestly a bit surprised that I actually left.  Sour beer = happy Marci.

I started off with the sampler (from left to right):

Raspberry wheat.  It smelled like beer -- I wasn't picking up any raspberry in the nose.  It definitely had a light raspberry flavor and was also wheat-y. It was very smooth and looked like a rosé wine.

Next up was the strawberry sour. This one was very tart with a light strawberry flavor. There was a nice sweetness that went along with it for balance but it was predominantly tart.  The flavor was green and viney - does that make sense?  Delicious!

#3 was the Sang Noir. I can honestly write that I believe it rivals Russian River's Supplication.  You can taste the oak barrel.  It's rich and earthy and very tart.  If you like tart cherries and just a bit of earthiness, this beer is for you.

Finally there was the barrel aged bruin.  It tastes darkly alcoholic like a cross between whisky and rum (the description says sherry...).  It is intense.  Not as tart as I would expect, but full of red fruit and smoothness.

I followed up the sampler with a full-sized Sang Noir and some snacks.

In conclusion, if you like sour beer, you need to go to Cascade.  It is a can't miss stop on an Oregon beer tour!  Seriously...check out this list.


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