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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beer 179: Japan Night...Sapporo and Sushi

I give a lot of credit to those people out there who live on salad for lunch. I had a salad for lunch today and now I'm ready to eat someone's face off. Vegetables are bullshit. So are face-eating zombies.

I digress.

Tonight it is all Japan, all the time. Sushi.Sapporo.

In the glass, Sapporo looks like any other macro lager. It's a mass produced beer. It's crystal clear straw color, thick white head...probably a lot like Budweiser but who drinks Bud out of a glass? Isn't that a strictly in the can beer?

Again I digress. It smells grain-y and generally like beer. The flavor is light, somewhat sweet. It is a Japanese rice lager - brewed with lots of rice. Based on's description, I think it hits the mark.

Is it winning any awards in my book? No. Is it fine on Sushi Night? Yes.


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