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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beer 185: Beer Vacation and Firestone Walker

Warning: We have a housesitter and a security system.

Today im reviewing Firestone Walker 14th Anniversary Ale in honor of our departure on what could be the greatest vacation of my life! It was bottled in 2010 in honor of Firestone Walker's 14th anniversary (duh) and we've been waiting for a good reason to open it. Patience is not a virtue of mine so it's a minor miracle that it made it this long. Also many thanks to a good friend for gifting it to us!

Today launches two weeks of touring craft breweries on the west coast. We're starting in southern California and drinking our way to Seattle. Don't get any squirrelly ideas. We have coverage at the home front.

On to the beer...the 14th anniversary edition poured an almost opaque and deep dark brown in the glass. It had a very thin tan head. The scent is lots of molasses, chocolate, leather and bourbon. There is also a noticeable alcohol aroma.

The first sip is amazing. My tongue is nearly overwhelmed with adjectives.
Silky. Full mouthfeel. A bit of an alcohol burn. The brewmaster Matt Brynildson calls it sexy. I call the brewmaster correct.

The second sip brought a nose full of figs and the flavors of bourbon, dark, dark chocolate and a caramel smoothness. If this beer was a woman, she'd be proposed to instantly. More sips...toffee, licorice, a savory-take-your-time-with-it character.

I could go on crafting hyperboles, similes and metaphors. Instead I'm going to close my eyes and savor every last drop of #14. To all at Firestone Walker, thank you. To Marisa, thank you for having the foresight to buy this for me. You are all awesome!


p.s. Matt, it aged beautifully!

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