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Friday, June 15, 2012

Beer 188: Coronado Brewing Wit

So much good beer...I don't even know where to begin.

Let's start with the Orange Avenue Wit from the Coronado Brewing Company. This one is brewed on Coronado Island, which also happened to be our home base for the first two days. Great location and great beers.

The Orange Avenue Wit is named for the street on which the brewery is located. It appears to be a pretty small operation; however, we can pretty regularly find Coronado beers on draught at TJ's back home. The color is very orange and hazy and it's served with an orange wedge. I hate fruit garnishes in my beer. Oh well.

The aroma is very strong on orange and the flavor is smooth and very malt forward. It is just a bit hoppy with citrus notes and some spice. A lot of the other reviews I read mentioned honey but I didn't pick up on that. Overall a solid beer. I also heard from another patron that pretty much everything they serve at the accompanying restaurant is fantastic. I can't personally attest to that but based on looks I was impressed.

Onward and upward folks...I'm off to San Fran!

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