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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beer 190: Mission Brewing Blonde Ale

We've departed Jenner (CA) for Santa Rosa early this morning and on our way managed to visit one of California's most dangerous beaches -- Goat Rock Beach. Dangers included rip currents, strong backwashes and sleeper waves. Not included on the list were giant jagged rocks and nesting sea lions who evidently get really riled up when humans are nearby recently born pups.

Apologies for this crackhead photo. I managed to go out without the Blackberry, ipad or camera on this beer run. Mission Brewery Blonde Ale is an American style blonde ale and is brewed in San Diego. The brewery was founded in the early 20th century and was shut down thanks to Prohibition. It reopened in 2007 and seems to be winning awards ever since.
I had this one in a bottle and it didn't come with a glass. No comments on looks or smell. The flavor is malt forward with very little hop influence. It has a fuller mouthfeel. The flavor is a bit citrusy and also had something slightly metallic in the taste. It was a decent beer...just not a great beer. Cheers.

P.S. This was the view I had waking up this morning! Not bad!

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