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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beer 194: Portland Day 1, Hop Valley Double D

Flight got into Portland on time, but we were pretty wiped out and played it low key. Dinner at Henry's. Two beers for the books!
Henry's is an old brewery up in Portland and has gotten a second life as a bar/restaurant. Not only did we visit Henry's our first night, we managed to find ourselves there the next day as well.
For dinner the first night, I had a nice salad and an AMAZING crock of mac and cheese. Seriously...the food has been awesome on this trip.

Today I'm reviewing a beer we had back at the hotel as we settled in for the next few days.
The Hop Valley Brewing Company Double D Blonde Ale poured a golden color with just a bit of haze. The head was white but disappeared pretty quickly. It had a grassy, malty aroma with a crisp, bright flavor. It is overall very smooth but finishes with a bite. Cheers.

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