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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beer 183: Summerfest and a Big Shout Out to Gary and Kel!

I am way impressed by the mad running skills and dedication of Gary and Kelli as they kicked ass at a hilly, woodsy 5K today. It was probably about 90 degrees when the race started and I'm pretty sure it was uphill both ways. I was spent carrying their water bottles. How they didn't keel over immediately after finishing is beyond me.

We celebrated with beer. Lots of beer. Beer at Victory Brewing, beer at TJ's Everyday. Perhaps more beer at home.

All that celebration resulted in tonight's beer review...Sierra Nevada's Summerfest. I think Sierra Nevada likes to make hoppy beer just because they can. Is that a California thing? I hope not. I'm not a fan of the "punch you in the neck, it's so hoppy" kind of beer.

The Summerfest is a crisp summer lager coming in at 5% ABV. It poured a clear golden color with a thin white head. It smelled of wheat and non-descript beer aroma. The taste was citrus, malt with a big hop tanginess. It's a good beer but not a style I gravitate toward.


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