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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beer 199: Vertigo Apricot and Strange Days Indeed

I've been back to work post-vacation for three days.  For most of the six trips back and forth between home and office, I've managed to see some really strange things.

1. Hot pink Mercedes - no marketing stickers, just some dude (yes, dude) in a hot pink luxury sedan.
2. What I can only describe as venetian blind style rims. They may have been on a Lexus, but I'm not sure. I was too busy trying to figure out what was blinding me.
3. Mid-size truck that looked like a drivable Timberland boot.  WTF?
4. Car from Massachusetts speeding - as in like 65MPH or more - down the SHOULDER of I-76.  Morning rush was practically nonexistent. But this cat was clipping along like it was the HOV lane.

I was honestly sad when tonight's trip home was uneventful.


On to the beer review.  Vertigo Brewing's Apricot Cream Ale brews in Hillsboro, Oregon and I found the Apricot Cream Ale on draught at Henry's Tavern in Portland, Oregon.  First off, Portland is a beer lover's paradise.  Second, Henry's is awesome.  They have something like a hundred taps -- pouring all sorts of delightful brews.  I originally wrote about Henry's here.

The Apricot Cream Ale poured a bright golden color with a thick white head that left lots of lacing behind as it faded away.  The scent was all apricot and wheat.  The flavor was full and creamy, apricot at first then rolling into a nice malt with a hint of hop in the finish. Perfect beer for the perfect weather we had in Portland!


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