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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beer 176: Amager Bryghus Fusion and Sunday in the Park

Today's beer was enjoyed at the 28th Annual Philadelphia International Cycling Championship. It's become a tradition of sorts for us to gather at the bottom of Lemon Hill with friends to cheer on the riders/wait for a spectacular crash...whether it be among the actual cyclists or the spectators moving any number of tailgate and party items. I also use the phrase "party items" loosely - we once saw a full suit of armor get rolled down the hill and hours later, rolled back up the hill!

Sadly this year only included the near death of an idiot spectator who absolutely did not understand course etiquette nor did she heed about 20 or so folks screaming at her to get off the course as the peloton came barreling at her. There's a lesson for attention when you're near a race course. People wandering out into the path was one of my big pet peeves when I was running.

I wish I could write that today's beer was drunk in celebration of a big Denmark victory, but the team from Denmark came in 33rd place. Instead I just drank a beer from Denmark because it was there.

I can't attest to the color of the Amager Bryghus Fusion. I don't know about the color since we were doing the "sneaky drinking in the park" thing but I can attest to its full white head.

The smell reminded me of light IPA hops. It was also kind of perfumey. The taste was light, clean and crisp. After a bit I started to notice a slight metallic taste mingling with a malty sweetness. This beer is a style I'm not at all familiar with...a steam beer. Actually I lied. Old Scratch by Flying Dog is a steam beer. So is Anchor Steam. I had no idea about Old Scratch and evidently I'm just unobservant on the latter.

A steam beer is fermented at a higher temperature. They are light amber to tawny in color, medium bodied and malty, and fruity with an assertive hop bitterness. I would say Amager delivered on those characteristics although I definitely thought it was a little lighter than "full bodied".

I think this is a great beer. Definitely drink it if you ever encounter it. Actually you could drink quite a few of them at 3.5% ABV. Cheers!

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