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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beer 189: Fish Brewing Hibiscus Hefeweizen

I'm sitting here typing away with the sounds of the Russian River lapping at the edges of the Pacific Ocean. Umm. Holy shit. Seriously. I'm in the middle of nowhere and it pretty much can be summed up as heaven on earth. I don't know how our friend found this place, but thank you.

I'm going to go back a few our afternoon at Slaters 50/50...for this review. It is Fish Brewing Co.'s Hibiscus Hefeweizen. It's brewed in Washington and weighs in at a very respectable 5.6% ABV.

It poured a ruby color with a slightly pink head. It had lots of carbonation. The smell is sweetly floral with some malt. The flavor is predominantly orange, honey and flowers and finishes with pear notes. It is very good. I get to write that because I've had a BUNCH of hibiscus influenced beers this year.

Cheers from the river's end!

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