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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beer 196: Double Mountain IPA and Farewell to the West Coast

First night in Portland wound down with what I was told was a hoppy Irish red. Turns out it was a straight up IPA. (Insert Marci frowny face here.). The Double Mountain IPA poured a hazy chestnut color with a tan head that disappeared quickly. It smelled like cured meat and kind of sweet. I also thought it was poured entirely too cold. It took quite awhile for it to smell anything other than cold.

The bartender did not lie about the level of hops. There was a citrus, resin-y flavor throughout. There was some light malt flavor. Pretty good beer!

As I sit here waiting to board my flight home, I realized I learned a lot on this trip. For today, I'll share that the Pacific Northwest grows some crazy flavorful hops. And they brew beer that shows off those hops. At the very least I think I'm returning home with a new found appreciation of IPAs, American pale ales and anything brewed in the northwest. Cheers!

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