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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coming Up Roses

Beer #201 Point Five / Craftsman Brewing Company, Pasadena, CA

While in San Diego, I was able to catch up with a fraternity brother of mine I haven't seen in a few years, which was a lot of fun. Sadly, I also missed seeing another classmate in wine country - with some better planning, we could have met up somewhere for dinner or drinks.  If that wasn't enough, a former work colleague flew into wine country a few days after we left.  I have since instituted a new rule: anyone planning a vacation needs to run it past me first, to confirm whether or not we're also planning a similar trip.  We can adjust schedules accordingly.

Speaking of San Diego, tonight's beer, the Point Five IPA from Craftsman Brewing, came on draft at Hopping Pig, a decent beer bar smack dab in the middle of the super-touristy Gaslamp Quarter.  It poured a hazy, golden orange color, and when you drink it you get citrus and a mild hop bitterness.  It has a lighter taste, and doesn't overpower you with hops.  The brewery's website didn't have much info about themselves or this beer, but in doing some reading on the interwebs it seems this beer is named Point Five because it's a "half IPA."  Sadly, I'm not sure where the other 50% of its DNA comes from.  

Bling, bling!

Thing to Think About Today:
You know what happens in Pasadena besides this brewery?  The Rose Bowl.  You know who played there?  The greatest offense (and a not too shabby defense) in the history of college football.  Yep, if we're thinking of Pasadena, we're thinking of the 1995 PSU vs. Oregon game:

Looking to give 'em the heat and announce your presence with authority?  Ki-Jana Carter, the floor is yours:

If you have more time, feel free to peruse all of the highlights.  Undefeated.  Untied.  Unrewarded.

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