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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bikes and Beers

Beer #176 Fusion / Amager Bryghus, Kastrup, Denmark

Great way to close the weekend - the 28th annual Philadelphia International Championship, more affectionately and simply known around these parts as "Bike Race Day."  We traditionally tailgate at a spot near Lemon Hill, which is a sharp right hand turn in the middle of a steep downhill stretch.  You get an appreciation for the skill it takes to navigate the course in close quarters, and you realize just how fast they're moving.  Also a great spot for people watching, which is occasionally as exciting as the race itself.

For a day out in the sun, we chose the Fusion from Amager Bryghus.  Can't tell you much about the color, as I drank it out of a blue cup (many thanks to the city of Philadelphia for not really caring about open container laws during Bike Race).  I can tell you it had a fluffy head that hung around while I drank it.  The aroma is a nice, lemony scent.  When you drink this beer, you get flavors of grain, lemon, and a touch of peppery spice.  Nice and easy drinking beer, as it's only 3.5% ABV.  Not a bad option for summertime.

It poured a blue hue, with a white lip. Oh wait, that's just the plastic cup.

Interesting fact about this brewery is that it's located in what used to be an air raid shelter.  Now you know.

Thing to Think About Today:
We'll close with the song that runs through my head every Bike Race.  Oh indeed, it's time for Bicycle Race by Queen.  I'm pretty sure the professional riders in the race sing this too.  Take it away, Freddie:

"I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike."

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