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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Russian Roulette

Beer #581 Consecration / Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, CA
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Today's review is a bottle of Consecration from Russian River, which came as part of a birthday gift from a friend a few months back.  This sour ale has a reddish mahogany color, and your nose quickly finds a tart aroma of stone fruit and vinegar.  You pick up flavors of barely there hints of leather, cherries, and grapes, with an oak dryness on the finish.  But mostly you notice the lovely sour quality from the yeasts.  At 10% ABV, this is one of the strongest beers Russian River produces, but you barely notice the alcohol.  Just delicious, this beer would pair well with cheese.  Although, most everything pairs well with cheese, really.
Don't let the knife scare you.
A friendly reminder that Russian River won my Brewery of the Year Award during the initial year of this blog.  High praise, indeed, as I'm kind of a big deal.

Thing to Think About Today:
If the supreme song of the summer is Blurred Lines, then this is the song that you'll hear 1,000 times and eventually wonder why it was popular to begin with.  But you WILL hear it at least 1,000 more times this summer.  So therefore I give you Icona Pop and their one-hit wonder, I Love It.  Please note: crashing your car into a bridge is NOT a good idea, regardless of how much fun this song makes it sound.

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