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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Envelope Please....

Day #390 Naked Nun / Adelbert's Brewery, Austin, TX
Previously from this brewery: None, new brewery

It's been a few days since I handed out an award from the 366 challenge, so let's get back into the game and keep the awards show going.  Previously, we handed out prizes for Biggest Miss of the Year, Best Brewery Visit, Best Label Art, and Worst Label Art.  Today, I'm awarding a very coveted prize, the award for Brewery of the Year.  This is a tough category to judge, because we obviously only drank one beer per brewery.... for the most part.  With some breweries, I have prior experience drinking their products, or I put down a beer sampler instead of just the required one beer.  Like it or not, that advantage helped these candidates float to the top of the list.  However, the good news of my tasting more than one beer from these breweries is that I 100% assure you that you can pick up any beer they produce and feel completely confident you're going to be drinking a fantastic beer, regardless of style.  And now... what's that now James Van Der Beek?  Is it time?
James Van Der Beek says, "It's time."
Why yes, in fact, it is time to look at the nominees:

Hill Farmstead Brewery
Cascade Brewing Barrel House
Russian River Brewing Company
Victory Brewing Company
Green Flash Brewing Company
Avery Brewing Company
Bell's Brewery
Brewery Ommegang

And the winner is..... Russian River Brewing Company!

What impressed me most is that Russian River has an ability to produce great beers across the entire spectrum, from bitter IPAs to tart sours and everything in between.  Their barrel aged beers are some of the best I've ever had, and quite frankly any brewery that offers an 18 beer sampler deserves some sort of trophy (note: we don't give out trophies, but should).  To celebrate, we dance!
Celebrate with James Van Der Beek!
To keep the wheels on this blog turning, tonight I'm reviewing Naked Nun from Adelbert's Brewery in Texas.  This witbier has a pale straw color and a persistent white head.  There's a slightly tart aroma, with some hints of clove.  The flavor is very good, with light notes of spice, bread, banana, and orange, with a light dryness.  Quite a nice beer, and at 5.8% ABV, this would be great to enjoy on a sunny spring day.

Great glassware, too.
The name Adelbert's is a tribute to the brewer's deceased brother, George Adelbert "Del" Hovey, and the brewery specializes in Belgian ales.  Didn't get to visit them when we spun through Texas, but I did get to enjoy this beer, which certainly counts for something.

Thing to Think About Today:
The story behind Naked Nun includes a story about Del being robbed while hiking and saved by nuns.  And for every time I type the words 'Naked Nun', I immediately think of the brilliant Naked Gun film series, which starred the hilarious deadpan comedy of Leslie Nielsen.  Let's close out tonight's awards post with a laugh, shall we?

"Thank you.  I just had it stuffed."

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