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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 404: Live Oak and a Photo Bomb

Texas Beer Week continues with a revelation about my immaturity and the evil genius of Mr. Blog Named Brew. One of my favorite things to do to Gary while he's taking his beer photos is flipping the bird in the periphery of his shot. It makes him INSANE. And it makes me giggle delightedly. Well let's just say he got some payback when I was snapping my photo of today's beer.

Look closely.
Mr. Blog Named Brew is lurking!
Live Oak Brewing Company's Big Bark amber lager pours a beautiful amber color with a very thick ecru head. It smells strongly of nutty malts. The taste is very much malt with a rich mouthfeel. There is some hop bite buried in there, but generally very bready. It is very easy to drink and I think it would appeal to a mass audience. Too bad it's only available in the Austin area.

Beer stats
Style: Vienna style lager
ABV:  4.9%
IBUs: Unknown
Rating: Great

Previously reviewed from Live Oak
Another first!

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