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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Formula 409

Day #409 Moebius / Omnipollo, Stockholm, Sweden
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Two interesting things to note about today, which are indirectly related yet somewhat related.

  1. Today is the anniversary of Joe Paterno's death. While some people outside of Penn State will never bother to understand anything about Coach Paterno other than what they read in the headlines, most PSU fans recognize that he did not walk on water, but was a good and very decent human being who made mistakes.  Coach Paterno contributed thousands upon thousands upon thousands of good things to the school, his community, and the sport at large - but he'd be the first to point out he wasn't perfect.
  2. Today marks post #409 for the blog, which is also the number of games Paterno won as head coach. Yes, the NCAA stripped a number of those wins to "punish" Penn State, but that's another story for another day, as the NCAA is about as effective of an organization as....well, I really can't think of anything as ludicrously ineffective as the NCAA.  I say: 409 forever.
PSU notes aside, today was a good day.  Got to take in a high school basketball game, managed to get some work done, and didn't freeze to death.  Hooray for the small victories, I guess.

Today's beer is Moebius, an Imperial IPA from Omnipollo, a Swedish brewer.  In the glass, you see a hazy orange color, with a wispy white head.  You find an aroma of citrus fruit and pine, and the taste follows suit with tons of grapefruit and lemon, along with a strong pine flavor from the hops.  This beer is strong, as 8.5% ABV, and bitter throughout, with a good dry finish.  Definitely one for the hop lovers to check out.
Hello there.
Omni means many in Latin, and pollo means chicken in Spanish (shout out to the worlds best fried chicken chain, Pollos Hermanos).  This language lesson really means nothing when you combine them in Swedish, I suppose.

Thing to Think About Today:
I just played some Frightened Rabbit in this space a few days earlier.  I've been listening to them nearly non-stop since then, and they have a new album coming out next month.  So, let's close out the evening thinking about the first song released from the new album.  Please enjoy The Woodpile, because I do.

"Would you come and brighten my corner?"

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