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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tulips in Winter

Beer #406 Black Tulip / New Holland Brewing Company, Holland, MI
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It's been a beautiful, sunny, relaxing Saturday here in the suburbs of Philly.  Started the day by sleeping in (a rarity), then hit up yoga and made a delicious breakfast.  The afternoon?  Some peace and quiet, and a visit to Delaware to visit a brewery and drink beer with a stop at Total Wine to stock the wine cellar.  I hope you're all doing something fun as well.  You deserve it, after all.

Today's beer is Black Tulip, a Belgian Tripel from New Holland Brewing.  In the glass, you see a clear bright amber hue, and you pick up the aroma of sweet malt.  When you take a sip, you get a good bit of malt and plenty of candi sugar.  (Side note: for those of you thinking I spelled "candy" wrong, I didn't.  Check out more info on candi sugar here)  There are subtle hints of citrus and spice along for the ride, and it finishes a bit dry.  A very, very good beer, but I expect nothing else from New Holland, one of the premier breweries in the country.
Good beer + a naked lady on the bottle?
This beer is fairly potent at 9% ABV, but you don't even notice the high alcohol content.  Find it, drink it, and proceed with caution.

Thing to Think About Today:
In the spirit of black (tulips), let's close with something black (um, backpacks?).  Obviously that means we're listening to Stroke 9 and their popular-ish song Little Black Backpack.  Enjoy your Saturday with this flashback to 2000.

"Don't want to think about it"

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