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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't Be Frightened (It's Only St. Louis)

Day #397 Tripel / Saint Louis Brewing Company, St. Louis, MO
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It's been another hectic day, but life has improved significantly since leaving the office.  Things are good, in fact, but I won't bore you with those details so I'll jump right into a beer.  Going back to St. Louis (figuratively, thankfully not literally) to pull another from the list of Schlafly products I drank during my recent stay.

Tonight's beer is the Tripel, a Belgian-style ale that poured a hazy apricot color with virtually no head.  There's a light aroma of biscuit and banana, and the taste has a ton of banana, clove, biscuit, and malt.  Not as much sweetness as I was expecting, but nothing unusual.  Truth be told, I think this was a good beer, but I should have drank some water to cleanse my palate, as I put down the Dry Hopped APA before sampling this one, and the bitterness was still lingering.  Would love to try another one some day (although preferably without the dystopian atmosphere of downtown St. Louis).
Hi there.
I have two more Schlafly reviews in reserve that I'll be breaking out throughout the month.  Check yourself.

Thing to Think About Today:
Tonight, I'm sharing a band and a song that have been stuck in my head all day.  Frightened Rabbit is an indie rock group from Scotland.  In fact, think of them as the Scottish version of Mumford and Sons.  Or even, the Scottish version of Mumford and Sons without the over priced concert tickets entirely bought by scalpers (kiss my ass, Live Nation!!!).  Here's the song I've been singing all day (although I don't know the words.... yet), Living In Colour.  They're playing in Philly on April 6.... who's in?  Anyone with me on this?

"Living in color, we're living in color / and even in the blackout, I know"

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