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Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 398: 512 Brewing and Burning Up during Reentry

This five day work week is a bitch. I haven't worked one in more than a month and it is killing me. I feel like the Pig Pen character from Peanuts--only with paperclips, file folders, and pencils swirling off me instead of dirt and grime. There's also been a soundtrack of the implosion noise going off periodically as I realize how much work is on my to do list. 

Note to self: Start playing Powerball and become independently wealthy.

In more upbeat, fun news, I'm kicking off Texas Beer Week on the blog--or at least my half of the blog.
Tan head washed out thanks to an
overachieving flash on my Blackberry

I'm starting with 512 Brewing Company and their Pecan Porter. 512 Brewing is based in Austin and is pretty much only available in Texas. I had the pleasure of trying the Pecan Porter at Hopdoddy while vacationing in Austin last month. 

Pro-tip: Go to Hopdoddy and have a burger and fries. They are life-changing.

The Pecan porter poured a dark, dark brown and the light danced around the edges in one of the prettiest shades of brown I've ever seen in a beer. It had a thick, deep tan head. The smell was good and roasted. The flavor is predominantly nutty and chocolate. Lots of rich malt with a nice hopped finish.

Beer stats
Style: Porter
ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: Unknown
Rating: Great (poor, average, good, great, excellent)

Previously reviewed from 512 Brewing
This is the first review!

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