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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 407: Circle Brewing Blur

Today's installment of Texas Beer Week features Circle Brewing Company's Blur. It's billed as a Texas hefeweizen, but I'm not sure what makes it so. A little research...

From Circle Brewing's website: Blur is a unique blend of traditional old-world styling with a little Texan ingenuity. This Texas twist on the German wheat beer brings with it a hint of caramel to a crisp and refreshing style. The citrus aroma plays off the light and creamy body to create a beer that has no rival whether you enjoy it in the sun or in the shade.

I guess it's the caramel in a hefeweizen that makes it so.

The Blur is a beautiful beer. I had it served in a GIANT chalice at Hopdoddy's in Austin. What do you know about Hopdoddy's? Go there and get any of the burgers. So good. I could kill for one right now.

Anyway the Blur poured a deep hazy shade of orange with a thick white head. There was lots of orange and wheat in the nose. The flavor is strong orange with hints of banana creaminess. There was a nice breadiness to it and some light hops. I could totally see drinking this on a hot Texas day.

Beer stats
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 4.6%
Rating: Good

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