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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ice and Beer Go Great Together....

Day #415 Anna / Hill Farmstead Brewery, Greensboro, VT
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Courtesy of some ice and freezing rain in my neighborhood, I just slid back down my driveway.  No, not on purpose, it's just that BlogNamedBrew Manor sits on a hill, and getting up the driveway in winter can be quite an adventure.  I like to think of it as an Winter X Games sport... can Gary walk up the icy driveway, get about one and a half feet from the steps near the house, and then slide alllllllllllll the way back down to the bottom without falling?

Indeed I can, and in fact today I did this feat while talking on the phone with my sister.  Let's see Shaun White do that.  I have skills.  I also have wet socks, as it's easier to get back up the hill in socks than dress shoes.  Life is hard in the suburbs.

But enough about my adventures, let's talk beer.  Tonight's beer is Anna, a saison from Hill Farmstead in Vermont.  This one was on draft at Pinnochio's, where I had lunch last Monday.  Pinnochio's is a pizza shop with an amazing beer list, a huge bottle selection, some very good food, some questionable service, a beer garden smaller than my car, and mountains of copyright infringement going on.  Back to the beer: in the glass, you see a dark, hazy golden color with a good bit of white foam.  The aroma is light, with grain, citrus, and spice.  The taste brings you loads of tart lemon, yeast, peppery spice, some malt sweetness, and a moderately dry finish.  An outstanding beer, and by now you should know that any time you see Hill Farmstead on draft, order it immediately and do not ask questions.
U MAD, Walt Disney?
Hill Farmstead was a nominee in my Brewery of the Year discussion, although they came up short in the end.  I do accept bribes for my 2013 list, should anyone from Hill Farmstead be reading this.

Thing to Think About Today:
The only music that goes through my head as I ski/skate/slide/toboggan down my drive way in the winter?  That would of course be Fantastic Voyage, and you're all welcome to join my new winter sport.  If you make it down safely, there's a huge party waiting in the trunk of my car for us.  It's going to be legendary......

"Slide, slide, slippity slide / I do what I do just to survive"

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