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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 402: Texas Forever and Austin Beerworks

Texas Beer Week soldiers on but not before an update on a post I wrote on January 4, 2013. Somehow that absurdity continues with another discovery of HUMAN HEADS AT AN AIRPORT!!!

Today's email exchange

Me: Why are there so many human heads without bodies in airports?

Beth: Well, you’re not just gonna DRIVE them around, are you?  Don’t you think they’d at least need to be on ice or something?

Me: These still had skin on them. (barf) Wouldn't that smell?

Beth:  We need more details, msn!

Sorry for the lip prints on the glass.
Clearly I liked this one. It took me this much
beer to remember to take a photograph!
And so it continues...where will the heads turn up next?

Now back to Texas Beer Week. Texas forever, y'all!

Today's installment features Austin Beerworks's Pearl Snap pilsner.  

Sidebar: I've recently discovered a new joy in life. When visiting brewery websites, occasionally answer no to the "Are you 21?" question. Do it on Austin Beerwork's site. I dare you. You will be rewarded.  Black Acre Brewing also has a fun under 21 reward. What's going on, indeed!

Pearl Snap poured a golden color ale with a minimal white head.  It had a pretty strong smell of hops for a pilsner or at least compared to the pilsners I remember drinking. It's very smooth with a slightly caramel hop profile. It finishes with a strong but not overwhelming bitterness. 

Beer stats
Style: German pilsner
ABV: 5.3%
IBUs:  45
Rating:  Good

Previously reviewed from Austin Beerworks
First beer!!!

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