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Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 408: NXNW Sampler and Some Rambling

Texas Beer Week hits its second to last installment with a review of NXNW. It was the first Texas beer that I found upon our arrival and I maximized my time there with the sampler.

The Northern Light is a great session beer. It pours a bright golden color with barely any head. It's a little bready with a hint of hops.

The Bavarian hefeweizen is a traditional German wheat beer. It pours an opaque lemonade color. No strong aroma, but has great banana and clove flavors. Excellent.

Then there was the Duckabish amber. It poured a clear amber color. It was very malty and creamy.

I also tasted the Jingo pale ale, Okanogan black ale and something aged in Jack Daniels' barrels. I didn't write any notes on those samples.

Perhaps I need to work on my writing dedication when I'm sampling the sampler. I tend to fall apart when I have more than a few beers to review. In lieu of good beer reviews, I share my photos of UT's campus and a great chicken trailer we found on South Congress Avenue.

Ms. P's Electric Cock. I kid you not. We should have bought the t-shirts.
UT's campus. Two balls. Seriously?
And the had the nerve (balls?) to tell me
not to photograph the balls.

Me and a wishing well.  What did I wish for?
More beer.
I'm throwing my year 2 format out the window because this is one of my more disjointed posts in awhile. If Mr. Blog Named Brew finds his notes, then perhaps we'll formalize this mess.


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