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Monday, December 17, 2012

Shopping? DONE.

Day #373 Christmas Ale / Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland, OH
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I think (I think) that we're finally done with Christmas shopping for another year.  Now, to wrap them.... or just hand them out without wrapping.  Either way, right?  Thought that counts, right?

Before we get to the beer of the day, I want to get back into the awards tour and hand out a prize for Best Brewery Visit.  I've been on many brewery tours in my time, and in thinking about this category, I realized I didn't do a single brewery tour this year.  I know how beer is made in theory, and if you've seen one you've sort of seen them all.  However, I'm always partial to businesses I can visit in person and see first hand.  I feel more of a connection when I get a chance to meet the people directly associated with my beers, really.  While I didn't take any brewery tours this year, I did visit a number of breweries in person - and greatly enjoyed their tasting rooms.  The best of the best?  Sure....

The nominees:
Victory Brewing Company
Karl Strauss Brewing Company
Green Flash Brewing Company
Deschutes Brewery
Cascade Brewing Barrel House
Ballast Point Brewing Company

And your winner?  A round of applause, please, for Green Flash Brewing Company!  Located in what appears to be more of a corporate office than a brewery, Green Flash has a great new tasting room, all of their beers on tap, an outdoor seating area (huge plus when you have San Diego weather), and food trucks that pull up to cater to the crowd drinking and socializing.  Congrats, Green Flash -  I wish I could visit you in person tomorrow.  And every other day, too  Every single day.

To get in the holiday spirit to celebrate being done buying gifts, tonight's beer is the Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing.  In the glass, this beer is a bright amber color, and the aroma has notes of spice and malt.  The flavor is mellow, with nutmeg, malt, cinnamon, caramel, and some bitterness on the finish.  Very well done, and would go well at any holiday celebration.
Hey, Great.
Great Lakes has been brewing since 1988 in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood.  In 1998, they moved into a larger brewing facility formerly occupied by the Schlather Brewery.  Now you know.

Thing to Think About Today:
Christmas beer?  That calls for a Christmas song.  And what says holiday spirit like Twisted Sister signing O Come All Ye Faithful?  Nothing really.  Enjoy, dear friends.  Enjoy.

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