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Sunday, December 2, 2012

All Things Rust

Beer #358 Coke Oven Stout / Rust Belt Brewing Company, Youngstown, OH
Beers to go: 8

Very productive today, accomplished many things.  Not everything, but the important things.  And, I managed to get some takeout Chinese food dinner, which is always a great way to close out a Sunday afternoon.  Good day, indeed.

We'll close out today with a beer, and tonight I'm going with a Coke Oven Stout from Rust Belt Brewing.  This beer was a gift from a dear friend with roots back in Ohio, and when you pour it in a glass, it has a dark black color with a tan head.  It's a stout, of course it looks like that.  There are aromas of cocoa and toasted malt, and the taste has a smoky characteristic, with plenty of toasted malt and some chocolate hiding out in there.  A relatively thin stout, it has a clean, dry finish.  I like their label - all of their beers have a gritty, industrial fee.  For better or for worse, the area known as the Rust Belt earned the name for a reason.  Rather than pretending that Youngstown (and many towns just like it) is something it isn't, these guys embrace the blue color work ethic and celebrate the industry that helped quite literally build a nation.

Does not taste rusty
This .  For those who don't know how steel is made, coke is carbonized bituminous coal, used to power blast furnaces used in the making of steel.

Thing to Think About Today:
Wish there was more time left in this Sunday, as I freely admit I'm not looking forward to going to work on Monday (partially because I was there today, but whatever).  So, in honor of the Rust Belt, let's keep the party going with some Rusted Root.  And - just because I'm good like this, Rusted Root also hails from the Rust Belt.  This song was great when it came out sophomore year of college, and it's still great today.  Enjoy the remainder of your day, my friends...

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