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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beer, Pittsburgh, Fish

Beer #362 St. Nikolaus Bock Bier / Pennsylvania Brewing Company, Pittsburgh, PA
Beers to go: 4

Good productive day today, although I'm very glad it's winding down.  I was scheduled to be in a training all day at work, but the instructor never showed up so the class left, and because my schedule was completely devoid of meetings, I opted to work from home.  I love that I have the flexibility to work from home, but admittedly I don't get as much done sitting in front of my laptop as I do at my office.  Too many distractions - errands that need to be run, dogs who beg me to take them for a walk, games of Words With Friends to play, and a fridge full of stupendous beers calling my name....

Thankfully, the work day is over and the beers can begin!   Tonight I'm sampling a St. Nikolaus from Penn Brewing in Pittsburgh.  This is the last of my supply of beers that have been given to me as a gift - although that shouldn't stop you from sending me more free brews to try.  In the glass, this beer has a deep brown color with plenty of red highlights and an off-white head.  There are pleasing aromas of malt and spice, and he flavors are great for winter: lightly toasted malt, caramel, and a hint of cherry.  Really nice beer, and well worth your effort at this time of year.
Bock to the Future!
This brewery opened their doors for business in 1986, but their building dates back to 1848, when the Eberhart and Ober families started a brewery in 1848.  E&O survived until 1952, and three of the buildings at the Penn Brewery complex are on the National Register of Historic Places.  Good stuff.

Thing to Think About Today:
So.... Pittsburgh.  I'm going way back here, as I'm going to encourage you all to think about one of the best movies ever involving the sport of basketball, The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh.  This film answers the question of what do you get when you mix basketball, disco, sequins, short shorts, afros, glitter, more disco,  and (wait for it...).... astrology.  Apparently, a down on their luck basketball team realizes the one thing that can get them to the championship game is having a roster of players all born under the Pisces sign.  Yes, you read that correctly, and no, I have no idea how much drugs the writers, producers, and directors were taking to think this plot was a good idea.  While astral connections are always one way to build your team, perhaps they should just get Dr. J the ball more.  Don't sleep on this movie, as there's some star power present - besides Dr. J we find Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Stockard Channing, Debbie Allen, and Flip Wilson, to name a few.  Check it out, and prepare to be amazed:

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