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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 368: Life's Soundtrack and 4 Hands Pyrus

Is there a band that speaks to you no matter what song, no matter what situation you're in?  That would be R.E.M. for me. News of their break-up last September was like a punch in the gut. How could they give up after being the soundtrack to my life for thirty years? Why? Why me???  

OK, it wasn't nearly that dramatic but I was pretty bummed at the thought of no new R.E.M. songs to play me through the rest of my life. OK, maybe there is cause for drama.  Of course, one does not live on R.E.M. alone and there have been other bands who have played pivotal roles in my soundtrack.

10,000 Maniacs aided R.E.M. in defining high school for me. I listened to Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend on repeat for pretty much all of 1993-1994. The first thing I did after being given an iPod for my birthday was recreate the soundtrack to the summer of 1997 -- known affectionately around Blog Named Brew Manor as The Greatest Summer Ever.  Sublime, Cornershop, Sugar Ray, Puff Daddy, Chumbawamba. I have them all now.  The summer of 2011 will forever be defined by Young the Giant. The soundtrack of this tailgate season is Ke$ha's Die Young. I'm not proud of that fact...actually yes, I am. I have an eclectic interest in music and I am proud of it. It makes life more interesting.

So I ask you? What's the soundtrack of your life? Can you define this year in a song? 

Speaking (writing?) of about a pear saison for eclectic?  Evidently this is a thing and it's brewed by 4 Hands Brewing Company and it's known as  Pyrus.  It poured a hazy blonde color with a loose white head. There was some lacing.  It tastes like a saison with a light pear finish. It is very interesting.  The flavor is peppery and is very green in taste. Herbal? Spicy? I can't quite put my finger on it. It also had a lingering hop finish. 

I'm off to listen to Nightswimming on repeat. Cheers!

Beer stats
Style: Saison
ABV: 6.2%
IBUs:  Unknown
Rating: Good

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  1. I like your reviews, you should keep tasting beers for at least a few more years.