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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Super Fly

Beer #357 Schlafly Winter ESB / Saint Louis Brewery, St. Louis, MO
Beers to go: 9

On the first day of December, I managed to get a tiny bit of holiday shopping done, and then about four hours of watching football.  Guess which I enjoyed more?  A bit sad, as this time of year Penn State is usually jockeying for position for a better bowl game.  Oh well, look at all of the money I'm saving by not having to attend a bowl game each of the next three years?

Let's close out the night with a Schlafly Winter ESB from Saint Louis Brewery.  This beer has a clear, bright amber hue and a thin white head.  You pick up aromas of malt, tea, and citrus, and the taste gives you some nice lemon, dry hops, tea, and some malt sweetness.  Very well balanced and flavorful.  Maybe something in there close to honey, too.  This is a really enjoyable beer, and I don't know what exactly makes it a Winter ESB, because I could drink this year round.
Picture is crooked, you probably aren't/
This brewery first opened their doors in 1991, and was the first brewpub to open in St. Louis since Prohibition.  I'm headed to St. Louis for a conference in January... just might need to pay these nice people a visit during my trip.

Thing to Think About Today:
Look, I struggle to pronounce the name of this brand of beer.  Schlafly has one too many "L's" in the word for me, I suppose.  But if we're thinking of Sch(mumble,mumble)Fly, then let's go ahead and bring in the incredibly funky Curtis Mayfield for some Superfly.  Get funky, my friends.  It's a Saturday night!

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