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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fat? Phat.

Beer #360 Bumble Berry / Fat Head's Brewery, North Olmstead, OH
Beers to go: 6

We've hit the 360 beer mark, which means we're in the final week of the blog!  So many exciting things in store, as I'm counting the ballots for my year-end awards.  Brewery of the Year, Beer of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, Brewery Visit of the Year, etc.  Be on the lookout..... it's going to be legendary.

Can't look too far ahead, as we still on our last seven beers.  Tonight's brew is Bumble Berry, a honey blueberry ale from Fat Head's Brewery in Ohio.  This beer was a late season gift, which I very much appreciate.  In the glass this beer has a clear light amber color, with a wispy white head.  Your nose picks up a nice blueberry and grain aroma, and the taste is pure summertime - good, natural blueberry taste, with some good sweetness and a clean finish.  It's as though they managed to take a blueberry muffin, and make beer out of it.  This beer would be great in the summertime, and seeing how it was over 60 degrees today here in Philly, it's not too bad in December either.

I've also had the fortune of recently sampling Fat Head's Head Hunter IPA (also a gift from a dear friend!), which was a very good beer.  Looking forward to adding these beers into my rotation if they start shipping further east.
Berry good summer beer.  See what I did there?
Side note: The guy on the label, Mr. Fat Head, I presume, has more than a passing resemblance to former University of Kansas head football coach Mark Mangino.  See?
Fat Head Logo
Coach Mark Mangino.   Separated at birth?
This brewery originally started as a brewpub on the South Side of Pittsburgh in 1992, and they moved to a larger brewery space in Ohio in 2009.  They also maintain pubs in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.  No information available on their website about the girth of the founder's head, but we'll assume it was/is significant.

Thing to Think About Today:
We've talked a fair bit about the Fat Head aspect of this brewery, so let's change course and close out today's post with a tie to the beer: in the spirit of Bumble Berry beer and the Christmas season, Chuck Berry will be taking us home with his rendition of Run, Run Rudolph.  Good night, friends.... see you tomorrow.

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