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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wild, Not Crazy

Day #614 Morpheus Wild / Picobrouwerij Alvinne, Heule, Belgium
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You get a short post tonight because that's just the way it goes.  Tonight's beer is a bottle of Morpheus Wild, from Alvinne, which was not a brewery we visited.  I don't really remember drinking this one, but from the order it was in my email and from the chairs in the picture I think I had this one at Rose Red, a cool beer bar connected to the hotel I stayed at in Bruges.  Ghent is a cooler, more interesting town, but Bruges has better beer bars.  This is an unquestionable fact.

This beer is a Flemish oud bruin, and pours a dark brown color with red highlights, and a monster off white head.  The bottle sort of exploded into the glass, in fact.  There's a tart aroma, and when you take a sip there's a sort of effervescent quality.  Along with that tartness, there's a dark fruit quality, some sourness, and definitely some chocolate coming through.  Really a very nice beer, even if I don't remember actually drinking it.  And that's not a function of how much everyone drank on this trip - there were plenty of beers consumed, but due to early starts and long bike rides, no one was up late being all crazy.
Wild, not crazy
Thing to Think About Today:
This song popped up on the iPod today and I like it, and due to the name there's a tangential relationship to the bike trip, so here it goes.  I think the first time I've dropped a hidden track in this space, and certainly one of the longer songs I've used.  We close it out with Eurotrash Girl by Cracker.  I did meet some strange characters while in Belgium, but I guess really nothing more strange than you'd see anywhere in the U.S.

"You know she never did like me"

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