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Sunday, August 18, 2013


Day #617 DeuS / Brouwerij Bosteels, Buggenhout, Belgium
Previously from this brewery: Tripel Karmeliet and more Tripel Karmeliet

I REALLY don't feel like writing a post today, but there's been a post for the past 616 days (seriously, go back and read them if you don't believe me), and writing lets me clear my head.  Or at least distract my head.  Either way.... #617 is here.

The beer for the day was one of the more unusual finds the Beercycling crew came across.  Why?  Because DeuS, from Brouwerij Bosteels, lives somewhere between beer and champagne.  Seriously, after this beer is brewed and bottle fermented, it is sent to France for a final fermentation with champagne yeast.  You know... the stuff they make champagne with.  This bottle was shared with the group during a nightcap at Rose Red on our last evening in Bruges.

It arrived with frozen champagne flutes, and poured and looked just like champagne, although admittedly a bit darker and a bit less effervescent.  There are notes of light citrus fruit, green apple, malt, and some peppery spice and yeast, almost like a saison.  Very interesting, very unusual, and very tasty.  Very glad I was able to sample this one.  I have in my notes the phrase, "beyond the best of", although I think it might be a marketing slogan I saw on the bottle or the menu.  At 11.5% and over 30 Euro for a bottle (about $40), this one is best shared.
Crappy picture.  Sue me.
Bosteels also makes the wonderfully delightful Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet; two delicious beers that could thankfully be found in most restaurants we visited.  They both provided a great go-to beer when more adventurous choices weren't available.  And I still say the Karmeliet glass is the best in all of Belgium, a land filled with beautiful glassware for beer.
Glorious! And the cafe next to us was the headquarters
for a biker gang. Thankfully not the cafe we were at....
Thing to Think About Today:
I don't think I really have anything here for you today.  Deus is Latin for God, so I guess I can give you Dear God by Monsters of Folk and The Roots.

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