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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 620: Cantillon at the End of the Road

This is me after riding my bike nearly 250 miles. I'm smiling so that's a good sign, right? Looking back at this all the amazing beer and food...thinking about the great job that Evan and Henk did to keep us organized, entertained and safe...recalling all the adventures with the other Beercyclists, the only thing I can say now is that this truly was a trip of a lifetime.

I still have some random reviews scribbled here and there and some photos that don't seem to have reviews but nothing matches up. So I'm calling a wrap on the Beercycling posts with tonight's installment, but I retain the right to look back nostalgically in the coming days and weeks if manage to find more photos and track down more beer notes.

And while our tenth and final brewery on the tour was Cantillon, I'm not closing out with a Cantillon Brewery review. I'm going with a Cantillon review of a beer that I had on our first night in Brussels at a bar called Moeder Lambic. While some people would have tried something else knowing that they would be at the Cantillon Brewery ten days later, that's not my style. I wanted all the Cantillon I could get while in Belgium!
This is the Cantillon Lambic, which was on cask. It poured a slightly hazy, but bright gold color with a loose white head. It had a lemony and buttery aroma. The flavor was minerally--kind of like sucking rocks. (You know, because I do that all the time and totally know what rocks taste like.) There was also a terrific tartness. It was also insanely dry, which challenged me to find other more subtle flavors but there was the typical funky mustiness.

Beer stats
Style: Lambic
ABV: 5%
IBUs: Unknown
Rating: Excellent

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