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Monday, August 20, 2012

Beer 254: Cantillon Gueuze

I have not been kind to myself these past few days and it's catching up to me.  SourFest, extra spicy pad Thai, three courses of Creole deliciousness, every pickled vegetable known to mankind, chili for lunch and chili for dinner.  That sums up what I've consumed in the past three days. Perhaps it's not my allergies making my eyes itch like crazy...they just may be melting from the inside out from all the spiciness.  Tomorrow I swear I'm eating nothing but iceberg lettuce.

Saturday's SourFest kicked off with a Cantillon Gueuze. This is the holy grail of gueuzes. Check out the process to come up with a finished product here. That is a whole lot of care and craft and you can taste it in every sip!  The Cantillon Gueuze poured a bright beautiful gold color with a white head that settled down rather quickly.  It had a smell that was earth and minerals.  The taste was dry with lemon tartness.  There's mineral notes and some additional tart a very green apple. It's very light to drink and the carbonation is perfection -- bubbly but not aggressive.

This is the standard bearer for the genre. Cheers!

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