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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beer 236: Valeir Blond

Today was out of control and I am very, very happy to have a fun dinner on the books for tonight.  That being said, I probably should have walked out the door about seven minutes ago.  Oops.

Tonight's beer if the Valeir Blond from Brouwerij Contreras in Belgium.  I'm linking to 12 Percent importer's website because the one for Brouwerij Contreras doesn't seem to work. The blond poured a slightly hazy apricot color with lots of bubbles and an off white head. The head disappeared leaving little islands of thin foam floating here and there on the surface of the beer.

I'm assuming the date on the bottle (10/13/13) is a best by date because this beer is quite delicious. It smells of Belgian candi sugar and fruit. It had a thin mouthfeel but was very flavorful.  The ABV is listed at 6.5% but after drinking it, I would have guessed it to be much higher.  The flavor is malt and fruit with a strong backbone of hop flavor. There are notes of green apple. It's quite hoppy for a blond ale but it works.


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