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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Dream Team

Beer #235 RyePA / Fifty Fifty Brewing Company, Truckee, CA

As we approach the two thirds point on our beer journey, I figured it might be time to recap where my version of the Top 25 currently stands.  As always, you can use the tags on the right hand side to navigate to this list, in addition to specific styles, breweries, states, and a whole mess of other topics.  In no particular order:

- Brouwerij van Steenberge / Tripel van de Garre
- Brouwerij Rodenbach / Grand Cru
- Anchorage Brewing Company / Bitter Monk
- Brasserie Fantome / Fantome Saison
- Oskar Blues Brewery / Dale's Pale Ale
- Brouwerij Verhaeghe / Duchesse du Bourgogne
- New Holland Brewing Company / Blue Sunday Sour
- Brouwerij Huyghe / Delirium Tremens
- Wells and Young's Brewing Company / Wells Bombadier
- Bell's Brewery / Oberon Ale
- Leelanau Brewing Company / Good Golden Harbor
- Brouwerij Oud Beersel / Oud Gueuze
- Brouwerij Saint Bernardus / Tripel
- Gueuzerie Tilquin / Oud Gueuze Tilquin
- Firestone Walker Brewing Company / Fourteenth Anniversary Ale
- Bear Republic Brewing Company / Barrel 45 Wet Hop Wild Racer 5
- Anchor Brewing / Anchor Steam
- Cascade Brewing Barrel House / Sang Noir
- Russian River Brewing Company / Supplication
- Hill Farmstead Brewery / Harlan

There you have it, twenty brewery/beer combinations so far... hard to say what I'd remove from this list if I find six or more top beers, but I'll cross that bridge when necessary.  Heavily weighted in the sours, but I'm on board with that, as they can be incredibly complex and enjoyable all at once.

With that recap out of the way, it's time to keep the wheels turning.  Tonight's beer is the RyePA from Fifty Fifty Brewing, which is on draft at Whole Foods.  It pours a hazy amber color with a persistent white head.  You're greeted by aromas of rye, malt, and citrus.  There are flavors of lemon, grapefruit, and spice, with some malt sweetness and a dry, bitter finish.  Really nice beer, very well done. While this beer won't be joining the Top 25 today, it's definitely an outstanding beer that you should drink if and when you can.

Thanks, Whole Foods!

Originally when I saw this brewery, it made me think of cheeseburgers.  As in Slaters 50/50 burger (famous for their 50% ground meat 50% ground bacon burger mix), which isn't just Top 25 choice; it was the greatest cheeseburger I've ever eaten in my life.  Ever.  However, no relation between the brewery and the burger.  Although, if they wanted to ship me a 50/50 burger and throw in some Fifty Fifty beer, I'd be in heaven.

Thing to Think About Today:
We ended last night on a downer, with a terrible bit of sportsmanship.  For those who want even more poor sportsmanship, check the highlights from yesterday's badminton "scandal", where teams tried to outdo each other in losing so they would get an easier draw.  Honestly, watching them hit the shuttlecock into the net in that video is like watching your drunk relatives try to play at a family picnic.  It's at once comical, sad, embarrassing, and devoid of any talent.

Instead, let's think about the greatest Olympic basketball moment ever, the 1992 Dream Team.  A group brought together to absolutely destroy the competition, this team featured eleven future Hall of Fame members (um, and Christian Laettner!) and showed the world what truly elite athletes can do when they come together as a team.  Sure, the 2012 team seems primed to win the gold medal, but it's the 1992 team that helped elevate basketball to it's position as a global sport.  For an excellent read on the topic, check this recent GQ article.  To watch the greatest team ever go to town.... just click the video:

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