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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beer 245: Vicaris Tripel Gueuze

You know it's hot out when even the dog doesn't want to go outside.  After trying to scoot Salinger out the door while I planted some seeds I had saved from earlier in the summer, he gave me that "oh you know better than that, lady" look.  I came back in to find him toasting himself in spot of sunshine while savoring the air conditioning.  Oh the life of a dachshund...

I enjoyed today's beer last night as today is a work day. Yes, I know it's Saturday.  Don't feel too bad for me. Work means a cocktail and star gazing party in Avalon.  Yes, the drive back and forth is going to be an utter bitch but the most taxing thing I have scheduled for tomorrow is some tomfoolery with friends in the city.  Perhaps those dachshunds are really emulating me?

The Vicaris Tripel Gueuze is brewed by Brouwerij Dilewyns, but started as an accidental collaboration between Dilewyns and Girardin. Read more here.  Thanks to The Beer Shoppe in Ardmore (PA) for stocking it.  It poured a not quite clear straw color with a thick but not deep white head.  It smelled tart and lightly of malt.  The taste is sour, slightly mineral and leaves a great tingly tart feeling on the tongue.  I also noticed some minor woody undertones with just a bit of pepper.

Overall a great beer. Although at 8.5% ABV, I probably won't be drinking more than a couple in one sitting.  Cheers!

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