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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beer 242: Peak Organic Spring Ale

Today's beer hails from the other Portland...Portland, Maine. It's the Simcoe Spring Ale from Peak Organic Brewing Company.

I poured it like a crazy person and had to slurp the overflowing beer leaving behind this lovely photo. The head was quite thick and as it's disappearing, it's leaving behind craggy foam and plenty of lacing. The color is a slight hazy apricot shade. Nowhere on the bottle did it read pale ale other than the hint in the name -- Simcoe Spring Ale.

Plus Gary said it was the closest thing that Whole Foods had to the light summer beer or kolsch that I requested for dinner. Evidently we were both duped. That being said, this isn't a bad beer. The Simcoe hops were intended to lend a piney, floral flavor and they do just that. This beer is crisp and flavorful and bracing. It does remind me of spring interestingly enough. There's a little grass in the flavor to go with the other green tastes. Overall I give it a thumbs up. Cheers!

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