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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beer 262: Geary's Pale Ale

So we have a new roof and new siding. We finally replaced the old, beat up bathroom window. And yet every time I come home, I want to barf on my front door. Partly because it couldn't look any worse than it does now but mostly because it looks like hell compared to all the shiny and new stuff. Where are those goddamn house fairies? This front door isn't going to paint itself! And now it's football season and I really need those fairies to come take care of things because my schedule is about to get hectic. Word to the wise...condo association!

Although if I were to get my act together and paint that door myself, I would definitely want a D.L. Geary's pale ale while I'm doing it. This is another one of those beers for that other Portland...Portland, Maine.

It poured amber with a light tan head of medium consistency that left significant lacing behind. The smell was sweet and floral with some caramel. It has a slight piney and floral hop flavor. There's also just a little wheat.

The pale ale would make a great summertime or picnic beer. Or even outside project beer! Perhaps it's just their marketing but I could totally taste this going well with lobster. I could picture it now...a little seafood shack on the coast of Maine...perfect bread, buttery delicious fresh lobster and a Geary's pale ale.


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