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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NOT Paddy's Pub

Beer #241 Paddy Pale Ale / Wild Onion Brewing Company, Barrington, IL

Interesting phenomenon happened today - the arrival of the autumn beers to Wegman's.  I get that fall (and thankfully, football season) is right around the corner.  However, as of today, it was 90 degrees with ample humidity, and with global warming autumn isn't likely to arrive until mid-October.  I'm still in the market for summer ales, kolsch beers, shandies, and so forth.  Anything involving pumpkin or nutmeg or whatever makes a beer an autumn brew can sit quietly and wait in the corner.  I guess this is craft beer's version of the mall putting out Christmas decorations in early October?

Today's non-autumnal beer is the Paddy Pale Ale, an American pale ale from Wild Onion Brewing.  Paddy's, you say?

Flip, flip, Flipdelphia!

Yeah, definitely not related to Paddy's Pub from Always Sunny.  This one has a orange amber color, with a thin white lingering head.  The aroma is light, with some pine and citrus, and the taste brings a light flavor as well, with citrus and a fair balance of malt and hops.  Probably needs more of one or the other, though, as the taste was a little too mild for me.  Definitely a session beer, and one that won't weigh you down or beat up your taste buds.

Paddy, no relation.

This brewery can be found about 45 minutes outside of Chicago, and they started brewing in 1996 and opened a brewpub in 2003.

Thing to Think About Today:
We don't strictly celebrate American heroes here - there's plenty of room in this space for the only person to pull off a unique distance running Olympic triple double: gold medals in the 5,000m, 10,000m, and the marathon.  That's roughly three miles, six miles, and well, you know.  Yes, we're thinking about Czech distance running wunderkind Emil Zátopek, who didn't just sweep the gold medals in the 1952 Helsinki games, he set an Olympic record in each event.

It's impressive enough that he managed to win both of the shorter races, but what really puts Zátopek in another galaxy was the fact he had never even RAN a marathon before in his life, let alone won a race at that distance.  In fact, his only strategy was to stick close to Jim Peters, a record holder and medal favorite.  During the race, Zátopek asked Peters if the pace was too slow.  Figuring he could con Zátopek into pushing too hard and dropping out, Peters agreed, and so Zátopek sped up.  Bad move, as Peters couldn't keep up and the "Czech Locomotive" cruised home in record pace.  Not a bad first outing, without a doubt.

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